We offer a wide range of painting and decorating services to residents businesses across Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. With many years experience in the decorating trade, we have built a large base of happy clients. Our many years experience means we can offer a wide range of services throughout Lincolnshire.


We pride ourselves on our honest approach. Our advice is free, and always un-biased and with the customers best interests in mind.


Our track record for being punctual and courteous is unmatched. Our customers know we keep to our promises. We deliver each and every project on time.


The quality of our work speaks for itself, this is due to our attention to detail and the superior products and supplies that we use.


We have an enviable reputation around Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas, with much of our work coming from recommendations and repeat business.


Domestic Painting and Decorating Services

All projects, both large and small, are carried out with the highest possible level of care and attention to detail and an unrivalled customer service.Our design team can talk over specifications, colour schemes, spend profiles enabling you to achieve the desired interior look and finish.


When comes to hanging wallpaper, experience comes in very handy as it is can be tricky to get the professional finish you might be looking for & mistakes are often difficult to correct if you have a limited supply of your chosen paper.Wallpaper can transform a space dramatically, Let us take care of your interior wallpapering. We expertly apply and remove wallpaper. As a professional, we pay extra attention to detail to ensure that all wallpapering services are completed to high standards.

Exterior Painting

Exterior maintenance is essential, especially if you have wooden windows, doors, soffits & fascia, outhouses, render & anything that generally can be painted or degrades over a short period of years.This is not just a superficial importance, but structural as well. Many homes can suffer heat loss if your wooden windows or doors are rotten or damaged, if they are too far gone then the cost to replace could be a huge dent in your bank balance.Outhouses may need replacing or major repairs if not maintained too. The right process & paint also makes a huge difference, so making sure the is done right the first time could potentially save you thousands of ££££..

Spray Finish

If you are looking for that smooth, factory finished look then spray painting is the finish for you. Whether it is kitchen cupboards & furniture, or UPVC windows & doors, we provide a high-quality finish coupled with an efficient, low disruption service. We aim to keep the disruption to a minimum whilst producing a high standard, professional finish.

Dustless Sanding

Put simply, this is an electric sander attached to a purpose made extractor. Using this system means we can be more efficient in productivity & less time needed to clean away dust. Another reason this system is so beneficial is that with no dust particles left floating around after sanding, the client as well as the tradesman, will benefit from cleaner lungs while work is being carried out.

Phoenix Professional Decorators

Our Company Ethos

Here at Phoenix Professional Decorators, we strive to be a painting and decorating company you can always rely on.

Where our work is renowned for being both of the highest quality while being excellent value for money.

We have a strong belief that all great companies are built on a solid base of satisfied clients, so customer satisfaction plays a huge role in the way we operate.

Why You Can Trust Phoenix Professional Decorators

With Phoenix Professional Decorators there are no surprises. Every job – no matter how large or small – benefits from a timetable of delivery through to completion, enabling us to deliver on our promise to always finish our work on time and on budget.

As qualified painters and decorators that are also registered with the Painters & Decorators Association, all of our work is guaranteed for two years from the date of completion.